Radiation Shields

These products help to shield you against the electromagnetic radiation that is ever-present these days. Many of these items are clothing which will help to provide you with protection for the area of your body that the clothing is covering. This also means that the shielding will continue for as long as you are wearing that item of clothing, no matter how much or little you travel. There are a variety of the clothing that has been created to work as Radiation Shields so that you can ensure that every part of your body is protected including a cap or scarf to protect your head and therefore your brain. There is also electric shield film that is almost completely transparent, but which contains metals to make it conductive so that you can shield a wide variety of object while not obscuring the view. The Radiation Shields are also created to provide you with protection against cell phones and the radiation that they produce, even when not in use. There are items that provide you with protection while the cell phone is on your belt by using the same technology that is used in microwave oven doors.
  1. Spira-Shield - Thin

    Spira-Shield - Thin


    Need Magnetic Shielding Conduit Just For Wiring? Learn More
  2. AegisGuard XP Radiation Shields 3x6 or 4x8


    Small Pocket Shield With VELCRO Fasteners Learn More
  3. Mag-Stop Plate - Stress Annealed


    Flat surface magnetic shielding for large or small areas Learn More
  4. Joint Shield


    Covers gaps and joints between two or more magnetic shielding plates Learn More
  5. Mag-Stop Plate - Hydrogen Annealed


    Flat surface magnetic shielding for large or small areas Learn More
  6. Silver Lining Boxer Shorts in S-XL


    comfortable undergarments you can wear over your regular underwear to shield yourself from powerline and computer electric fields, and microwave, radar, and TV radiation. Learn More
  7. AegisGuard LS Radiation Shield for Wired/Wireless 1oz, 2oz, 4oz or 8oz


    AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields are a safe, convenient and easy to apply spray that provides an unsurpassed level of shielding protection. Learn More
  8. AegisGuard LL Radiation Shields for Fabrics - 2lbs, 4lbs, 8lbs, or 16lbs


    40 single laundry loads - 1/8 cup per load 20 double laundry loads - 1/4 cup per load Learn More
  9. Silver Lining Scarf


    Stylish protection for your head and shoulders Learn More
  10. Shielded Cap


    Protect your brain from RF (radio-frequency) pollution with this handsome baseball style hat. Learn More