These devices are created to protect you against the stress caused by the naturally occurring radiation from the earth that has become distorted and therefore dangerous to people. This is commonly known as Geopathic stress and it has been cited on more than one occasion as being a cause of cancer. These devices can be divided into two categories, the products that measure the stress levels and devices that neutralize the stress and help to keep your home undisturbed. This stress can be concentrated in certain areas and you should measure the levels regularly, especially in the areas where people sleep. This is due to the fact that while you are sleeping, you are more susceptible to damages that the electric, magnetic and Geopathic radiations can cause. If you measure a stress fault running through the exact area where you, or any one else is sleeping then you should attempt to move the bed away from its current position and into an area that does not lie over a fault. These faults can have adverse affects on a wide variety of living organisms, including attracting lightning strikes to trees and preventing plants from growing as well as they should.
  1. Geomagnetometer


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  2. Geomagnetometer with Spectrum Analyzer for PC


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