EMF Pendants

There is a wide selection of these pieces of jewelry that provide you with protection while you wear them. They are constructed in a variety of materials and in a variety of styles to ensure that no matter what your tastes are, you will find a piece that you like, which will also provide you with protection against the electromagnetic fields that surround us. These EMF Pendants are constructed to look good when worn and to be worn with any clothing. While the jewelry is shielding you from the radiation, your body can start eliminating the toxins from your body and help to raise your energy levels along with your level of health. When you first start wearing the jewelry you may experience a detoxification period that can last for varying periods of time. Results of the detoxification can vary from a deeper and longer sleeping pattern and increased mental focus to increased athletic prowess and physical endurance. These may be a result of the higher levels of oxygen in blood that has been reported to be caused by these EMF Pendants. These items of jewelry are also credited wit helping to center and balance the detoxified person?s emotions.
  1. BioElectric Shields Sterling Silver Heart - Mirror Polished finish


    Protects you from unhealthy electromagnetic radiation or other people's draining energy Learn More
  2. BioResonance PRO pendant


    The BioResonance PRO Pendant has all the protective features of the BioResonance CHI Pendant, harmonizing environmental stress factors from Geopathic, as well as electromagnetic challenges. Learn More
  3. BioResonance CHI pendant


    The BioResonance CHI Pendant combines the functions of both the GEOPATHIC STRESS SHIELD (Geopathic stress from underground waterveins, earth fault lines and natural grid systems such as the Benker grid, Hartmann grid, Curry grid, etc. Learn More
  4. Q-Link Silver Pebble Pendant - Brushed or Polished Finish


    Takes strokes off golf games, gives athletes a competitive advantage, and relieves stress from EMF - Buy now and get the Wave Shield 2000 Gold FREE!! Learn More
  5. Q-Link Gold Pebble Pendant - Polished or Brushed Finish

    Q-Link Gold Pebble Pendant - Polished or Brushed Finish


    Takes strokes off golf games, gives athletes a competitive advantage, and relieves stress from EMF Learn More
  6. LIFE Energy Pendant Body Shields

    LIFE Energy Pendant Body Shields


    Help tone down all potential negative energy fields, such as EMFs, radio, micro and other weakening energy fields by bringing an increase of one's personal balance and energy. Learn More
  7. Sterling BioElectric Shield with 14k Gold Tabs


    This Sterling Silver with Gold Tabs amplifies the frequency that is being generated by the crystal matrix. Learn More
  8. Q-Link Acrylic Pendant


    Sleek and chic, with a dual-tone design, this beveled-edge triangle has two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. It can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down. Learn More
  9. Q-Link Optimizer with SRT-3


    In an increasingly wireless & stressful modern day world, Optimizer helps create order out of chaos. Learn More
  10. Q-Link Classic Black SRT-2 Pendant


    Simply worn and combining ease of use and utility, the Classic Q-Link is our most affordable pendant. Learn More