EMF Diodes

From 1991 to 1997 I was in the Air Force working as a cryptologic journeyman. I worked in a building with now windows, raised floors, lowered ceilings, and was monitored so no transmissions escaped. The inside was full of electronic equipment. The moment the equipment was turned on, my body would literally seize up. I was in tremendous agony, but not “pain” in the sense that doctors understand. I went through a LOT of psychotherapy for my “tension” and “uptightness” to be told to deal with the stress of my job. If only I had know then what I know now! Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been shown to prevent and cause movement of 3 of 4 neurotransmitters in the body. I left the Air Force and I have spent the last few years tracking down the problem(s). When I figured out that the EMF exposure has gotten to me, I began looking for a way to help myself.

THEN I REMEMBERED YOUR PRODUCTS. I had first heard of them while stationed in San Antonio, Texas. I ordered a rod and sync, a pocket diode and the videos. I also ordered a DioPad. Well, as soon as I had the pocket diode in my pocket, my feet decreased their parathesias. I can work on my computer! I can watch TV! I can ride in the front seat of the car! I can go to museum again, and I can go food shopping without pain! I am going to start using the rod and sync 3 times daily to remove toxins from my system. Ener-G-Polari-T® has the only products to have a non-invasive solution for me. I am tired of daily meds and shots, etc. Previously the only way to control my shaking was to drug my muscles into non-reactiveness to any nerve stimuli. This made me very tired and uncoordinated. THANK YOU. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! Tracy D.

I wanted to write you about my experience in using the rod. A friend introduced me to the rod and let me borrow it along with the book and the videos. All the information that I acquired made so much sense. I started using the rod for many different applications. Sometimes it was for physical health reasons and sometimes for emotional. I am always trying to find supportive, non-invasive ways to keep my health in optimum working order and I am extremely pleased with the results of the rod. I had a couple of cysts in my breasts and they are gone. My daughter when she is not feeling well is feeling great after I use the rod on her. I would like to explore other ways I can use the rod, but for now it works great for me and my family. Just thought you would like to know. Laura F.

Thank you very much for the Diode products you sent. I have found them very helpful. The Dio-Mid has been a very stabilizing influence on my environment since I got it, and it continues to bring balance and calm, in a world which can be so chaotic or pointed. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I like these products, and thank you for them. Robert D.

I was tested for radiation levels and found that all my radiation levels were high. My doctor recommended using diodes on my equipment and pocket diodes on my body. I followed his directions and returned for testing, my radiation levels have all dropped. I have been using the Fixture Diodes on my monitor and 4 desktop PCs. I feel the diodes are a must to ANYONE who works near or around computers and monitors. David B.

Since the Summer of 1999, I'd had trouble walking. I hadn't felt as if my legs were getting correct messages from my brain. When I explained this to doctors, I was given an MRI of my brain (which was normal), and of my lower neurological workup of my legs and feet, because I used to dance and have had numerous injuries. The test were all normal. I do have slight osteoarthritis in my right hip, but none of the doctors believed it would cause the odd sensation I described. Eventually I gave up on Western Medicine and tried energy work, including Reili. The Reiki worker found an energy block in my left leg, and too much energy in my right leg. Her treatments helped, but the problem continued. I have a diode on my computer monitor, and others around the house and my workspace. Just recently, I sat down at the computer and bruised my right knee (a common occurrence). I realized I'd been bashing into the computer itself for over a decade -- it has always been up against my right leg, and I tried every foot-exerciser/leg-stimulator on the market to keep form cramping that leg. Since I had a Cook's Ener-G-Polari-T® Diode in another, unused area of the house, I put it on the computer tower. It's only been a few weeks, and I'm still having trouble walking, but it is nothing like it used to be, and gets better every day. My Reiki worker is thrilled, and is now recommending your diodes to clients with similar problems. Thanks so much! After spending thousands of dollars on test, x-ray, and long lectures about my stress level, my little Cook's Diode seems to be “curing” me! Anita L.

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