Personal Protection

The items in this category are designed to be on or about your person at all times to ensure that you are protected from radiation no matter where you are. There are items that are designed to provide you with protection within your car so that while you're on the road you do not suffer from loss of protection. There are also Personal EMF protection devices that have been designed to be put on your bed so that you can be protected during the night, while you sleep so that while your body is most vulnerable you have the protection that can help to ensure that you suffer from not ill-effects. There are also Personal EMF protection devices in the form of jewelry that can be taken anywhere with you, to ensure full time protection while you where it. These are also designed to look stylish and fashionable while providing you with the protection that you need. These products function adequately by themselves, but to ensure the strongest protection, especially while at home, you can use these in conjunction with home protection or appliance shielding. The varieties of device that are available ensure that there is a product to fill your needs.

ENVI Headphone Series (1)EMF Clothing (25)
Life Energy Products (6)EMF Diodes (2)
Portable EMF Protection (11)Life Blue Tube Headsets (1)
EMF Pendants (12)Life Beat Jewelry (27)
Personal EMF Protection (45)Earth Calm (5)