LCD Monitors

These items are computer monitors which have been created so that they produce absolutely no radiation as opposed to other monitors which produce large quantities of electromagnetic radiation. This is extremely beneficial for those people who work with a computer on a regular basis since it will massively diminish the amount of radiation that is entering your body on a daily basis. All other monitors emit radiation which is directed straight at your head and upper body where it is likely to do the most damage. The LCD Monitors can help to prevent you from suffering from many of the ailments that can be caused by working with a monitor that is not shielded. Some of these ailments that have been reputed to stem from regular use of an unshielded monitor range from headaches, fatigue and chronic pain to cancer, Parkinson?s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. These LCD Monitors are certified to emit zero radiation while other monitors are certified at either 2 milligauss or 2.5 milligauss, both of which are dangerous levels since doctors advocate the avoidance of radiation that exceeds 1 to 2 milligauss. The biggest problem is that not only are you exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation on a very regular basis.

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