Appliance Shielding

These devices are used to reduce the amount of radiation that emanates from the appliances that surround you, at home or at work. There are different types of appliances that can emit the electromagnetic fields that are so dangerous for us and as such they require different kinds of devices to providing shielding. The Appliance Shielding products come in a variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and textures in order to ensure that you can be shielded from any type of device. There are devices that are intended to be attached to the appliances themselves and there are devices that are intended to be carried on your person to provide you with protection. There are different levels of radiation that are emitted from different appliances and due to that the power of the shielding device will need to differ to provide adequate protection. The general rule is that larger appliances will need larger shield products to be attached to them. The Appliance Shielding devices are intended to protect you, body, mind and health, from the effects of the electromagnetic fields. The effects are wide ranging and can be mental or physical and they can cause a variety of ailments from head aches, insomnia and other sleep disorders to cancer.
  1. Digital All Purpose Diode


    This high powered Digital Appliance Diode offers a broader range of protection in the higher frequencies which are present in today's modern digital appliance equipment. Learn More
  2. E-Smog Harmonizer (24 carat gold)


    Balances EMF related stress. Learn More
  3. High Performance Monitor Enclosures - 3 Sizes


    "Heavy Duty Magnetic Monitor Shielding" Learn More
  4. Conductive Tubing (Priced Per Foot)


    Reduces electric fields from live wires Learn More
  5. Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta Fabric


    Shiny, smooth fabric with pure copper. Learn More
  6. No-EMF Doorbell


    Transformers for conventional doorbells operate 24 hours per day producing significant fields, whether you use your doorbell or not. Learn More
  7. Giron - 1 linear foot or full roll (81 feet)

    Giron - 1 linear foot or full roll (81 feet)


    GIRON Magnetic Shielding Film, which does not contain Nickel, is unlike any other magnetic shielding material available on the market today. Suitable for applications requiring high saturation and good permeability, it is both thin and strong, and unlike Mu-metal™ it is very tolerant to bending or shaping without losing is shielding properties. Learn More
  8. Cook's Equipment Diode


    The Equipment Diode is stronger and more effective on larger equipment. - (2 1/8"x 1 1/8"x 1/4") Learn More
  9. PaceAlert


    PaceAlert Learn More
  10. Staticot™ - Economy, Performance, Durability

    Staticot™ - Economy, Performance, Durability


    Polyester/Cotton blended with microfine stainless steel fibers creates a low cost, tough fabric similar to khaki. Perfect for fencing lames, seat covers, and garments. Learn More