Home Protection

These devices have been created to provide entire houses and all the contents and people within them from electric radiation and magnetic fields. They come in various sizes to ensure that they can provide whole house coverage, no matter what size your house is. There are also devices that are designed to eliminate electro-smog that may currently be permeating your home. The Home EMF Protection products are created using a wide variety of materials, but they all use metals that have a high level of conductivity. There are physically large devices that are intended to provide very large areas of coverage as well as physically smaller devices that are designed to fill the gaps between the larger products to ensure that you have complete coverage. There are also Home EMF Protection devices that are capable of providing protection for the whole house while still being physically small enough to be completely unobtrusive and they will provide you with equal coverage no matter what size your house is or how many people inhabit it. There are also items that can be applied to surfaces to provide the protection that you and your family need from the radiation that can have so many adverse effects on your health.
  1. Feng Shui Home Harmonizer


    Our top model for buildings of all sizes up to several floors, also townhouses, to neutralize Geopathic Stress, reduce EMFs, and balance numerous Feng Shui challenges. Learn More