Gauss Meters

These meters are utilized to measure the levels of a variety of emissions from a variety of items in a given area. These are to be consulted at regular intervals to ensure that no emission levels are going over levels that are considered dangerous. They can also give you and idea of which devices the emissions are coming from, whether they are particularly concentrated around particular devices. They can also help you to decide whether you should take steps to lower the emission levels of the device you are monitoring if the emissions you are measuring are health hazards. The Gauss Meters measure electrical fields and since these are rated as hazardous, especially in terms of being a potential source of cancer. These meters will allow you to determine where the fields are strongest so that you can make an effort to avoid them if you are incapable of reducing them. These Gauss Meters can help you to determine where to distribute protection products to ensure that the electromagnetic emissions are decreased to the lowest possible level. There are devices that can measure more than DC to ensure you have enough knowledge about your environment as you want.
  1. Safe Gauss Meter


    The Safe Gauss Meter is easy to use. Simply turn it on and read the field strength. Learn More


    This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! Learn More
  3. Strong Field AC Gaussmeter


    Good up to 20,000 mG! Learn More
  4. Personal EMF Alarm


  5. Budget Buzz Stick


    Listen to Magnetic Fields Learn More
  6. ElectroSensor


    One of the smallest gaussmeters on the market Learn More
  7. Single Axis Digital Gaussmeter


    Rugged, Compact & Lightweight Magnetic Field Meter Learn More
  8. Hall-effect Gaussmeter (Axial and/or Transverse)


    High linearity and high accuracy (3%) from 0-10 Hz. 4 ranges: 2, 20, 200, 2000 Gauss. 3? digit display, yields 1 mG resolution (on lowest scale). 200 mV recorder output. Includes a 9V battery plus AC adapter. Versatile enough to classify magnets, measure residual magnetism, and check fields from DC circuits. Made in USA. 2 year mfr warranty. Learn More
  9. Kilogaussmeter


    Invaluable for reliable measurement of any DC magnetic field. Learn More
  10. Tri-field Flat Frequency Response EMF meter


    This modified version of the standard Trifield Meter has all the same specifications with this one important difference: magnetic field response is NOT frequency weighted. No need to specify 50 or 60 Hz calibration. Learn More