These books provide you with a wealth of information about electromagnetic fields and what they can do to you as well as what you can do to reduce those fields in the area around you. They provide you with general information on what areas are likely to be irradiated and to what extent they are likely to be irradiated. There are also EMF Books that will give instructions on what electromagnetic fields are and how they work as well as what the effects of exposure to the fields is likely to have. There are also helpful pieces of text that will inform you about what you can do to shield your home and your family as well as yourself from these dangers. These EMF Books have been written to inform people about the many aspects of electromagnetic fields and what can be done to reduce the danger to you and they have been written by knowledgeable people who wish to help people who are threatened by this invisible menace. Some of the books are also written as a warning to those people who are unaware of the dangers that they are being exposed to in their own home.
  1. Working Safely with VDTs

    Working Safely with VDTs


    In an effort to inform employers and employees, this booklet briefly examines the hazards associated with computer monitor screens with emphasis on EMFs. Learn More
  2. EMF in Your Enviroment


    Magnetic field measurements of everyday electrical devices Learn More
  3. Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding 2nd Edition


    A practical guide for reducing AC magnetic fields produced by building wiring and improper grounding practices. Learn More
  4. Q&A: EMF in the Workplace


    Government publication which tends to lean in favor of the idea that EMF dangers are unproven. Even so, it is written in clear non-technical language with good graphics explaining the concepts of EMF basics, current health study findings especially with respect to workplace settings, ongoing research, and an extensive listing of scientific references. Learn More
  5. FCC Bulletin 65


    Evaluating compliance with FCC guidelines for human exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields Learn More
  6. Measuring Power-Frequency Fields


    Many people want to know how EMF readings in their home compare to fields found in other homes or workplaces. Learn More
  7. Great Powerline Cover-Up


    How the utilities and the government are trying to hide the C hazards posed by EMF Learn More
  8. Your Guide to Understanding EMF


    A simple yet thorough explanation of what are EMFs, what is the difference between electric and magnetic fields, and where do they come from. Learn More
  9. Bioengineering and Biophysical Aspects of Electromagnetic Fields 3rd edition, 2 volume set.


    Contains discussions on the physics, engineering, and chemical aspects of electromagnetic (EM) fields at both the molecular level and larger scales, and investigates their interactions with biological systems. Learn More