All EMF Products

There are so many threats to our health, both mental and physical, that we require some powerful protection to keep ourselves in a healthy state. The threats are numerous but one of them is especially worrying since it is completely invisible and the only way you will notice it is when you are suffering from the effects of the electromagnetic fields, if you do not have a device to measure them. There are EMF Products that are available to help combat this phenomenon and help your body and mind to return to a healthier state. Due to the fact that the fields can be emitted by a variety of devices, there are a variety of devices that offer protection from different products that emit radiation, for instance cell phones. There are also devices that provide protection over a wider area than just a single person, for instance a whole house. All EMF Products are designed to form a protective shield for the user and neutralize the fields, very much like a tuning fork for our body?s bio-fields. There are also monitoring devices that will make sure that you always gauge what level of concentration the fields are at in your vicinity.
  1. Q-Link Silver Pebble Pendant - Brushed or Polished Finish


    Takes strokes off golf games, gives athletes a competitive advantage, and relieves stress from EMF - Buy now and get the Wave Shield 2000 Gold FREE!! Learn More
  2. AegisGuard LS Radiation Shield for Wired/Wireless 1oz, 2oz, 4oz or 8oz


    AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields are a safe, convenient and easy to apply spray that provides an unsurpassed level of shielding protection. Learn More
  3. Laminated Microwave Absorber Sheet


    Absorbs microwave radiation. Sold by Linear Foot Learn More
  4. MagneticShield 36"x15"x0.15" plate


    MagneticShield 36"x15"x0.15" high saturation magnetic alloy plate Learn More
  5. LIFE Energy Laptop/Microwave/Television Shields™


    Tone down the heavy energy produced by microwaves, televisions and computers by attaching to appliances and electronics. Learn More
  6. Grounding Clamp


    Attaches ground cords to pipe Learn More
  7. Ferrite Snap Board


    Reduces RF noise in wiring Learn More
  8. ELF Zone


    Identifies Proper Distance From Radiation Source Learn More
  9. Single Axis Digital Gaussmeter


    Rugged, Compact & Lightweight Magnetic Field Meter Learn More
  10. Cupro-Cote Paint


    Copper particle conductivity in a water based paint Learn More