Misc EMF Protection

These products are designed for widely differing purposes and as such are widely varying in every aspect, including size, shape and materials used. The devices that are considered Misc EMF Protection are those that are used to reduce the levels of electromagnetic radiation and a portion are designed to complement other products to ensure that the shielding provided is as complete as possible. There are products designed to help connect other large radiation shielding devices to ensure that the radiation levels are reduced to the lowest levels possible. The Misc EMF Protection products can help to reduce radiation from a variety of other objects or electronic and magnetic devices. There are products that can envelop electrical cords which contain live wires in order to drastically reduce the emissions that would normally come from those wires. There are also devices that reduce the radiation in your car which can have beneficial effects on your alertness as well as your moods. There are also products that are designed to conduct electricity from electrical devices or any devices that are emitting electromagnetic radiation and ground that electricity using a grounding cord. There is also paint that can be used to coat your walls and lessen the level of electro-smog in your house.
  1. StrikeAlert


    Personal Lightning Detector Learn More
  2. MagneticShield 36"x15"x0.15" plate


    MagneticShield 36"x15"x0.15" high saturation magnetic alloy plate Learn More
  3. Laminated Microwave Absorber Sheet


    Absorbs microwave radiation. Sold by Linear Foot Learn More
  4. Magnetic Shielding Foil 15inch wide, 0.004 or 0.010 inch thick


    The best material available for shielding DC, ELF & VLF Magnetic Fields Learn More
  5. Snap/Ring Terminal Combo


    Attaches Ground Cords to Fabric or Plastic Learn More
  6. Conductive Tubing (Priced Per Foot)


    Reduces electric fields from live wires Learn More
  7. Mag-Stop Plate - Hydrogen Annealed


    Flat surface magnetic shielding for large or small areas Learn More
  8. Joint Shield


    Covers gaps and joints between two or more magnetic shielding plates Learn More
  9. TexCare


    Laundry Detergent for Shielding Textiles with Silver or Stainless Steel Threads. Learn More
  10. MagnetShield


    High saturation magnetic alloy Learn More