Meters, Equipment & Accessories

These Meters, Equipment & Accessories perform a very wide range of functions and can either work together with other products to enhance their functionality or they can be used on their own. There are meters that are capable of measuring a very wide variety of things including gauss, radio frequency, ions and electric fields. There are also pieces of equipment that will allow you to analyze the wiring of your wired receptacles for a variety of faults to ensure that the dangers associated with faulty wiring can be avoided. Should you feel that any of your readings are too high for your piece of mind, and then you can take measures to reduce the readings where this is possible and constantly keep an eye on the fields by using the meter on a regular basis. Some of these devices are designed to help you reduce some of the readings that you get on the meters. A few of the Meters, Equipment & Accessories are created by the individual companies to complement other equipment created by the same company and so if you wish to use two or more products together you should double check whether they are compatible.
  1. Bandpass AC Gaussmeter 60Hz


    Gaussmeter with bandpath filter Learn More
  2. Mag-Temp Meter


    Simultaneous EMF and temperature readout with illuminated display Learn More
  3. Mini-Infrared Thermometer


    Best Value In Remote IR Thermometers Learn More
  4. PaceAlert


    PaceAlert Learn More
  5. Professional Combination Meter


    Professional quality and versatility Learn More
  6. Monitor 4: Radiation Monitor


    Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays Learn More
  7. Raytek® MiniTemp®


    Pistol Type IR Thermometer Learn More
  8. Smart Fieldmeter 18 GHz


    Still need more range? How about 18 GHz! Learn More
  9. Strong Field AC Gaussmeter


    Good up to 20,000 mG! Learn More
  10. Surface Resistivity Meter


    Measures both surface resistivity and resistance to ground Learn More