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- WaveShield 2000 GOLD

Our Price: $-1.00    

Cell Phones and Remote Viewers | More Information on Wave Shield

These work the best, as we have tested them, therefore we regard them as our - BEST UNIT!!

The majority of EM radiation emitted by cellular and cordless phones comes from the antenna and parts of the phone other than the earpiece and the WaveShield products have no significant effect on this other EM radiation.


The WaveShield GOLD cellular protection system features a "pure-gold" design, about the size of a penny that adheres to the ear piece of any cellular phone.

The WaveShield GOLD design presents itself as elegantly as a designer watch or executive pen & pencil set.

  • Fits all phone styles
  • Attaches in seconds
  • Soft comfort cushion
  • Will not affect reception

The vast majority of electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellular and cordless phones comes from the antenna and parts of the phone other than the ear piece. Wave shield products have no effect on this electromagnetic energy. They may reduce the strength of electromagnetic-field emissions from cell phone ear pieces by as much as 50-99% depending on the cell phone model

WaveShield Q.&A.

1. I heard the radiation comes from the antenna.
Correct; when you make or receive a call radiation comes off the antenna, half of which goes off into space, the other half forms a band around your head. We do not block the radiation from the antenna or what circulates through the phone. Our focus is on that portion that enters the soft tissue of the ear through the ear piece.

Because the ear has the highest absorption rate of radiation in the body and most of the reports of tumors are right behind the ear, not the chin, forehead or other ear, thus our focus and testing on radiation entering into the ear.

How was your shield tested? or how do I know your shield works?
It was tested by a US. Govt. FCC listed lab on several phone models and we received the following results. Our WS silver series 1000/3000 blocks 50-97% of the radiation coming through the ear piece of the phone depending on the model of phone, and our series 2000 Gold blocks from 50-99% of that portion of the radiation coming through the ear piece.

There are other shields selling for less money.
True. Most of these have no testing, vague testing, no testing on phones from an approved lab. We call these shields "phone decorations" they offer no protection to you and your family. Waveshield has been proven and tested to do what we claim.

I have not heard anything about phones not being safe.
Although the jury is still out on the long term effects of cell phone use, studies and evidence continue to support the growing potential health risk. An independent reporting site has over 100 reports and studies on cell phone dangers.

Why has the govt. not done something?
The govt. listens to the cell phone mfgs. Who tell them phones are safe and shields do not work. Yet a report from 2 major newspapers stated that the mfgs. have a patent to put a shield in phones. Now why would they do that if phones were safe and shields did not work?

They have not done it because of potential law suits from lying to the public.

Is there a Warranty?
Yes, one year which is only voided if you try and remove the Waveshield from one phone to put on another phone. The adhesive could rip off and the special surface coating could get damaged.

What if it falls off my phone can I return it for a new one?
Yes of course but if you follow the instructions in the package for applying the Waveshield you should have no problem with it falling off.

I use a headset so why do I need a shield?
Well first we want you protected when you are not using your headset say in a restaurant but mainly because current headsets with the wire from the ear bud are much more dangerous. Studies and research have proven that the wire from the ear bud acts like an aerial bringing 3 x more radiation to the users head--they are very dangerous, that`s the bad news. The good news is that we have replaced the wire to the ear with a tubular system, like a doctor's stethoscope or when listening to a movie on an airplane--only air and sound travels to the head--NO RADIATION

I have not heard anything to make me concerned about cell phones being dangerous.
Let me ask you 3 questions:

  • Do you now believe nicotine is non addictive?
  • Do you now believe cigarette smoking does not cause lung C?
  • Do the words "microwave" and "radiation" sound like things you want going into your brain?
  • The jury is still out on the long term effects of cell phone radiation meanwhile we offer proven and tested products that REDUCE THE POTENTIAL HEALTH RISK--- WHY TAKE A CHANCE?

    Waveshield: Note from President of Interact Communications

    We produce and sell anti-radiation products for cellular and mobile phones worldwide.

    Although there is no absolute proof that cell phone cause cancer and other related health problems, the evidence is mounting in spite of the cell phone manufacturer’s insistence that cell phones are safe and radiation exposure is minimal. An independent web site, has reports and studies from around the world that indicates just the opposite, those cell phones are indeed potentially dangerous to ones health.

    Wave Shield was developed in response to the growing concern about cell phone safety. It is currently sold in over 35 countries and has become the premier product in the field of radiation protection.

    The extensive testing on phones in a USA govt. listed FCC lab CERTIFIES that the Wave Shield blocks from 50- to 99% of the RADIATION from entering the inner ear when the phone is placed against the ear (series 2000 Gold) We make no claims to block all the radiation off the antenna , half of which goes into space. Our focus is only on that portion that enters through the ear piece of the phone directly into the soft tissue of the inner ear. Why? First, the highest absorption rate of radiation in the body is in the ear. Second, all the reports of tumors have been behind the ear. Thus our focus on that area of the body.

    As well we have approval from Cetecom, Germany, the highest testing authority in Europe, who having tested our product has issued us a Letter of Conformity allowing us to use the CE logo on our packaging for the European community. This tells the consumer that our product is safe and effective. In addition we offer each distributor world wide a minimum of $1,000,000 Liability insurance at no cost, insurance we could not obtain if our product did not work.

    There are many cheaper devices on the market, but absent FCC govt. registered certification and a high level of product liability from a reputable insurance company, they can be viewed as little more than phone decorations.

    In our ongoing efforts to protect consumers, we are now introducing the first radiation free hands free kits which protect phone users from radiation and also comply with government hands free driving regulations now being passed state by state to reduce automobile accidents.

    Studies on current hands free kits, as reported on, show that the wire between the ear bud and microphone acts as an antenna and increases the radiation to the users head by up to 300%. We have replaced the wire with a tubular system that conducts only air and sound, much like the head phones used on a plane to listen to a movie. We have eliminated the radiation from reaching the users head.

    Ten highest-radiation cell phones (U.S.)

    All cell phones leak and even if you don't have one of the worst offenders, you should protect yourself and your loved ones by using these EMF cell phone protectors

    These work the best, as we have tested them, and we therefore regard them as our - BEST UNIT!!

    The majority of EM radiation emitted by cellular and cordless phones comes from the antenna and parts of the phone other than the earpiece and the WaveShield products have no significant effect on this other EM radiation.

    Cell Phones and Remote Viewers | More Information on Wave Shield

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