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All EMF Products

There are so many threats to our health, both mental and physical, that we require some powerful protection to keep ourselves in a healthy state. The threats are numerous but one of them is especially worrying since it is completely invisible and the only way you will notice it is when you are suffering from the effects of the electromagnetic fields, if you do not have a device to measure them. There are EMF Products that are available to help combat this phenomenon and help your body and mind to return to a healthier state. Due to the fact that the fields can be emitted by a variety of devices, there are a variety of devices that offer protection from different products that emit radiation, for instance cell phones. There are also devices that provide protection over a wider area than just a single person, for instance a whole house. All EMF Products are designed to form a protective shield for the user and neutralize the fields, very much like a tuning fork for our body?s bio-fields. There are also monitoring devices that will make sure that you always gauge what level of concentration the fields are at in your vicinity.
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    Spira-Shield - Thick 
Need Magnetic Shielding Conduit Just For Wiring?
Our price: $291.00
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    Spira-Shield - Thin 
Need Magnetic Shielding Conduit Just For Wiring?
Our price: $241.00
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 Staticot™ - Economy, Performance, Durability   Staticot™ - Economy, Performance, Durability 
Polyester/Cotton blended with microfine stainless steel fibers creates a low cost, tough fabric similar to khaki. Perfect for fencing lames, seat covers, and garments.
Our price: $9.50
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 STETZERiZER Filters - For home, office, schools and industrial applications   STETZERiZER Filters - For home, office, schools and industrial applications 
Filters are designed to be installed throughout the home in a pattern that corresponds to the distributed nature of the need.
Our price: $30.00
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 STETZERiZER Microsurge Meters   STETZERiZER Microsurge Meters 
Microsurge meters were specifically deigned as a companion to the STETZERiZER filters. The meters measure the level of harmful electromagnetic "energy" present, and their primary use is to guide effective filter installation.
Our price: $100.00
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 StrikeAlert   StrikeAlert 
Personal Lightning Detector
Our price: $79.95
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 Strong Field AC Gaussmeter   Strong Field AC Gaussmeter 
Good up to 20,000 mG!
Our price: $99.95
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 SunMate   SunMate 
Instant UV Intensity Readings
Our price: $39.95
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 Surface Resistivity Meter   Surface Resistivity Meter 
Measures both surface resistivity and resistance to ground
Our price: $420.00
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 Switchable 3:1 Axiss Gaussmeter   Switchable 3:1 Axiss Gaussmeter 
Measure ELF and/or VLF magnetic fields
Our price: $279.00
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    Telescoping Antenna 
Comes with BNC connection
Our price: $15.00
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 The Neutralizer™   The Neutralizer™ 
The Neutralizer reduces the effects of harmful radiation from EMF. Includes 1 pack of 3 Aulterra Neutralizer™ discs and 1 brouchure.
Our price: $30.00
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Our price: $16.95
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    Tracing EMFs Bood & DVD 
Our price: $47.95
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 Tri-Field Extended Range Broadband Meter   Tri-Field Extended Range Broadband Meter 
Modified version of the Trifield meter, with extended range and other extra features
Our price: $189.95
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 Tri-field Flat Frequency Response EMF meter   Tri-field Flat Frequency Response EMF meter 
This modified version of the standard Trifield Meter has all the same specifications with this one important difference: magnetic field response is NOT frequency weighted. No need to specify 50 or 60 Hz calibration.
Our price: $127.95
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 UltraSensitive Wideband RF Meter   UltraSensitive Wideband RF Meter 
Designed to sniff out the smallest RF transmitter
Our price: $185.00
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 UV Thermometer Card   UV Thermometer Card 
Our price: $14.95
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 UV/B Sunburn Meter   UV/B Sunburn Meter 
Digital Display of UV Index
Our price: $29.95
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 Vehicle Ground Strap   Vehicle Ground Strap 
Maintains Electrical Connection to Ground
Our price: $19.95
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 Velcro Anti-Static Wrist Strap   Velcro Anti-Static Wrist Strap 
Our price: $3.95
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 Velostat® 36”, 4 mil per lin ft   Velostat® 36”, 4 mil per lin ft 
Heavy Weight and Moisture Resistant Shielding Plastic
Our price: $1.95
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 VLF Magnetic Probe 5 kHz - 1MHz   VLF Magnetic Probe 5 kHz - 1MHz 
These passive magnetic field sensors output AC voltage corresponding to the AC magnetic field strength. The frequency of the AC output voltage is the same as the frequency of the magnetic field. Single-axis, so it responds to fields parallel to the sensor axis. The sensor orientation shows the magnetic field polarization. No battery or power supply is needed.
Our price: $150.00
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 Warning: The Electricity Around You May be hazardous to Your Health - Limited Time Only   Warning: The Electricity Around You May be hazardous to Your Health - Limited Time Only 
New 3rd edition, by Ellen Sugarman
Our price: $19.95
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    What Can We Conclude From Measurements of Power Frequency Fields? 
"What Can We Conclude From Measurements of Power Frequency Fields?" written by Prof. M. Granger Morgan
Our price: $4.95
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 Wireless 4 Zone Thermometer   Wireless 4 Zone Thermometer 
Our price: $69.95
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 Wireless Camera Detector   Wireless Camera Detector 
and Wireless Camera Detector
Our price: $39.95
 Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Protection The Omega WiFi   Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Protection The Omega WiFi 
Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Protection The Omega WiFi
Our price: $179.00
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    Working Safely with VDTs 
Our price: $3.50
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 XYZ Axis EMF Tester   XYZ Axis EMF Tester 
Check Each Axis Individually
Our price: $149.99
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Our price: $149.95
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 Y-Shield Liquid 1 Liter   Y-Shield Liquid 1 Liter 
High Frequency Indoor Shielding Paint
Our price: $89.95
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    Your Guide to Understanding EMF 
Our price: $4.95
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 Zero Gauss Chamber   Zero Gauss Chamber 
Creates a gauss-free environment inside itself to allow you to take absolute readings of the ambient magnetic field, amongst other things
Our price: $350.00
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 ZONE030   ZONE030 
Anti Radiation Foil For Mobile Phones
Our price: $21.90
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  WaveShield 1000 Slim    WaveShield 1000 Slim 
The WaveShield 1000 Slim features a soft comfort cushion design, about the size of a penny that adheres to the ear piece of any cellular phone and acts as a cellular protection system.
These work the best, as we have tested them, and we therefore regard them as our - BEST UNIT!!
Our price: $19.95
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Displaying 321 to 356 (of 356 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9 
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