Beautician’s Breast Cancer From Hair Dryers

Parent's & Beautician's possible Breast Cancer from Hair Dryers and it's Prevention

Abul Rashid

The "angelite" hair dryer , breast cancer preventive by design, was developed because the scientists from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Batelle Pacific Northwest and others have discovered that both men and women can have breast cancer when they are exposed to ELF MFs (Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields) at 12 mG (milli Gauss ). The ELF MFs from the "angelite" hair dryers are much lower than 12 mG but the ELF MFs from the regular hair dryers, reported by the U.S.Government, can be as high as 700mG (DOE / EE-0040, January, 1995). Beautician's breast are exposed repeatedly to very high ELF MFs from the regular hair dryers everyday. Similarly, parents drying their children's hair may also have their breast exposed to this high ELF MFs from the regular hair .The ELF MFs from the "angelite" hair dryers are limited to 2mG which are 6 times less than12mG. Hence parent's and beautician's breast cancer risks from the "angelite" hair dryers are estimated to be very low.

In 1990, the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had stunned the country by classifying the ELF MFs as a possible human carcinogens (1). It's 1990 report, "An Evaluation of potential carcinogenicity of electromagnetic fields, is identified as the cancer report. These findings of health hazards from the ELF MFs led the U.S.Government to initiate the EMF RAPID program at a cost of more than $60.00 million dollars. The purpose of this program was to assess the health hazards of EMFs to human. Scientists from all over the world worked on this program and their assessments were documented in the U.S.Government report, NIH98-August 1998 (2). This assessment included an evaluation of health hazards from home appliances. One of the home appliances, identified as a health hazard, was the regular hair dryer .These health hazards from the regular hair dryers were reported on pages 180 - 182. On page 180, it is stated that the leukemia risks of hair dryer users who use the regular hair dryers were 2.8 times higher thsn the nonusers of the regular hair dryers.

The U.S.Government funded research to our national laboratories to find the possibility of breast cancer from the ELF MFs. Scientists from these laboratories had discovered that both men and women can have breast cancer when they are exposed to ELF MFs at 12mG (3,4,5,6). Recently scientists from Japan also discovered the same results (7).

These were the findings of the scientists from the U.S.A. and Japan: Scientists from the Battelle Pacific Northwest laboratory had found that a 12 mG ELF MF exposure of human at 12mG can block the protective action of the melatonin against the growth of human breast cancer cell, MCF-7. The Battle was the 4th lab to find the human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) whose proliferation had been inhibited by melatonin resumed growing in the 12 mG magnetic fields. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was the first to report the EMF- melatonin interaction results. It is stated in the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory report that the test results of this interaction provide the first evidence that the ELF MFs can act at the cellular level to enhance breast cancer proliferation by blocking melatonin's natural oncostatic action. In 1998, scientists from the EPA, and the University of Southern California, each reported the replication of the Lawrence Laboratory's experiment. In 2001, the National Institute of Environmental Studies of Japan, also, found the same results of the EMF-melatonins experiment as others did.

The regular hairr dryers can generate ELF MFs which can be much higher than 12mG. Data collected by the U.S.Government and documented in the report, DOE/EE-0040, showed that the ELF MFs from the regular hair dryers can be as high as 700mG (8).

A new hair dryer, "angelite", was developed to protect the beauticians from breast cancer. The ELF MFs from the newly developed, "angelite" are limited to 2mG. Hence the beautician's breast cancer risks from the "angelite" hair dryers are estimated to be very low.

The "angelite" are breast cancer prevented hair dryers.

The "angelite" hair dryers were firtst introduced at the 1998 U.S.Government meeting at Tucson, AZ. This meeting was held to review the U.S.Government report, NIH98-3981. The limitation of the ELF MFs from the "angelite" hair dryers to 2mG was demonstrated at the Cancer Control Society, the Whole Life, the cocious living and other expos. For additional data, visit the website, (9).



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